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Warmth at the feet keeps the body warm

HEATCOM’s heating systems provide a comfortable warm temperature at the feet and a few degrees cooler at head height. So you make better use of the heat as the heat, as you know, rises upwards and lies under the ceiling


Heatcom Corporation A / S is a Danish company with many years of experience in designing, producing and marketing, electric underfloor heating, thermostats and frost protection products.

Our goal is to develop and market products that create a good comfort and cozy atmosphere throughout the home.

Heatcom is in many ways a slightly different company – we are fast, efficient and serious. At the same time, we want to be a socially responsible company, where above all there must be room for people regardless of skin color and religion. For we know that there are no restrictions or barriers for a strong team pulling in the same direction.

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We also consistently strive to develop serious and long-term cooperative relationships with our partners and suppliers. Heatcom therefore collaborates first and foremost with people.

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