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Single Wire Heating Cable – 30 W/M

Single Wire Heating Cable


  • High temperature withstand ability
  • Additional mechanical strength l
  • Outer jacket of polyolefin
  • Multiple Application areas
  • Universal


Uniquely designed for embedded in concrete application to melt snow in parking bays, Driveways, Pavements, outdoor steps, Roofs, etc. with total safety.
Snow Melting Cable consists of a resistance-heating element insulated Cross–linkable polymer having high temperature withstand ability, which makes the heating cable totally safe. A metallic sheath is provided to give additional mechanical strength and provide ground path. A final outer jacket of polyolefin is provided to make it sturdier and corrosion protection.



  • Concrete
  • Driveway
  • Pavements
  • Outdoor steps
  • Roof
  • Gutter



  • Spool Dimension: Flange
  • Diameter(A) 520mm
  • Traverse(B) 300mm
  • Bore(C) 52mm



  • Rated voltage – 300/500V AC
  • Test Voltage – 2500V
  • Max. Permissible Wattage – 30W/m
  • Max. temperature on cable outer surface – +90 °C
  • Min. installation temperature – -90 °C
  • Bending radius – 6 x Cable Outer diameter
  • Flame retardant –  Yes
  • Tolerance on resistanc – -5, +10%.

30 W/M

Single Wire Heating Cable – 30 W/M


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