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Calculate the distance C-C = distance between the two cable loops.
Calculate the distance between the individual cable slings, from the room size, and the length of the heating cable.


1) Determine how large an area that should be covered with the heating cable.
Measure how many square meters the floor is. Subtract 5-10 cm, along all the walls, or the walking area by 0.9.

2) Determine the length of the heating cable.
Read the label on the product to determine the length of the heating cable.

3) Calculate the C-C distance.
C-C distance = area [m²] / Cable length [m]
Or use the automatic calculator.

Automatically calculation of the C-C.
In order to calculate the C-C distance, use the automatically calculator on this page.
Enter the area in square meters and cable length in meters and press “Calculate”.

General information about power requirement in floor heating

The power requirement per. square meter depends on the isolation level, window areas, and ceiling height. The guidelines below are therefore general.

Installation in a well insulated room with normal ceiling height and window area, the following effects are appropriate. The recommendation applies to the total floor area.
In constructions with a top layer of wood, vinyl, and parquet: 80-100 W/m²
In constructions with a top layer of natural stone or ceramic tiles: 100 to 150 W/m²

In constructions with less good insulation, higher power/m² is used. It is recommended to place additional 50 W per. square meters.
Note .: 200 W/m² is the highest power.

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