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Measures moisture and temperature


The sensor should be installed, where snow and ice neeed to be melted. The sensor should follow the surface and must not be covered – it may be a few millimeters below the surface, so the melt water can run down. It should be installed in an open area away from walls etc. on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. The tube’s top must be completely horizontally with the surroundings.

In laying asphalt, the ETOK-1 must be embedded in the hot asphalt, then the ETOG-56 can be drawn through the tube and thus the sensor will not be damaged by the heat of the asphalt during installation. ETOG-56 measures both temperature and humidity. ETOK-1 is a conduit for ETOG-56 and are supplied with at wodden plug to cover the hole during installation. The wooden plug is placed in the tube before laying eg. asphalt on.



  • Mounting tube ETOK-1



  • Measurement – Moisture and temperature
  • Installation – Outdoor surface
  • IP Class – IP68
  • Temperature range (ambient) – -50/+70°C
  • Dimensions (sensor) – H: 32 mm,  Ø: 60 mm
  • Dimensions (tube) – H: 78 mm, Ø: 63.5 mm
  • Cable length – 25 m
  • Enclosure rating – NEMA 6p / IP68
Moisture & Temperature - Outdoor surface



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