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HC 200 UNI – Plug & Play Thermostat

Plug & Play, Universal, programmable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Plug ‘n’ play
  • Frost protection
  • Room heating
  • Low temperature alarm
  • 4 timed events
  • Safe mode in case of error
  • Backlit display


HC200 UNI is a thermostat that plugs directly into the power outlet and, together with a heat source, will provide effective frost protection without any additional configuration.

When placed outdoors in a suitable power outlet, the thermostat will have an IP44 rating. Furthermore, it is possible to install a heat source directly behind the thermostat and achieve even better protection against water.

The included temperature sensor is already fitted with a 3 m cable and can be placed where the temperature needs to be regulated. The thermostat is set using the high-visibility display and 3 buttons on the front.

If there are different heating requirements at different times of the day, you can set 4 daily events and thus include, for example, night-time temperature reduction. The thermostat has a built-in alarm that can be shown on the display, but there ia the option of an audible alarm to be emitted if the set temperature is not reached.



  • Supply voltage – 230 V – 50–60 Hz
  • Maximum load – 3000 W
  • IP class – IP44 (connected)
  • Temperature range – +1° C … +70 °C
  • Sensor –  10 KΩ @ 25°C, length 3 m
  • Screen – 1.6″ backlit LCD
  • Colour – Matte black
  • Installation – Schuko socket
  • Dimensions –  125 x 64 x 40 mm (H x W x D)
  • Warranty –  3 years
  • Approvals – CE / RoHS
Plug & Play

HC 200 UNI

HC 200 UNI – Plug & Play Thermostat

No. 52010010


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