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Heating cable 5 mm – 20 W/m

Heating cable designed indoor installation in concrete


  • Suitable for installation beneath all types of flooring
  • Ideal for new builds and total renovations.
  • Installation does not require a perfectly flat floor surface
  • Flexible and ideal for rooms with a complex configuration
  • Highly reliable and resistant to high temperatures
  • Maintenance-free
  • Covered by a 15-year warranty


The cable is designed for embedding in concrete. The cable has a strong outer sheath that makes it suitable for fastening on wire reinforcement. In addition to embedding in concrete, the cable can be used in self-levelling, self-supporting layers that are at least 30 mm thick. Product range from 200 W to 3000 W in 16 sizes. Shielded 2-wire heating cable.

Heat my Home Ø5,0 mm heating cable is a universal cable for comfort heating or full heating of the room.

The cable is fastened to the wire reinforcement with cable ties. This is the universal and cheapest option, but there are also other accessories that can be used for this purpose.

The cable is most often used for new builds, is also suitable for renovation projects where a new screed will be laid. Heat my Home Ø5,0 mm heating cable is suitable for installing under all types of flooring.

The heating cable warms the screed above and around it building up heat in the floor which is slowly released into the room, providing a very stable temperature. The heating cables are a flexible solution that allows you to adjust the power output per m² to your individual need. The power output varies with the cable spacing, which is referred to as the centre-to-centre distance. The less the distance between heating cables the more power output and vice versa.




  • Bath room / Wet Rooms
  • Indoor
  • Concrete
  • IN Screed – min 30 mm



  • 10 – 150 m



  • 200 – 3000 W



  • Power output – 20 W/m
  • Voltage – 230 V – 50 Hz
  • Cable diameter – Ø5,0 mm
  • Insulation inner sheath – XLPE
  • Cold cable – 2,5 m
  • Authorisation – CE
  • Cable buildup – 2 conductors + ground
  • Ground shield – Aluminium Mylar tape and aluminium wire
  • Outer sheath – PVC
  • Maximum permissible cable tempe – 90 °C
  • Total building height – Minimum 30 mm
  • Warranty – 15 years
  • Standard – IEC 60800 M1
  • Resistance tolerance-5%/+10%
  • Length tolerance – +/-2%

20 W/m

Heating cable 5 mm – 20 W/m

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