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Self-limiting heating cable – 11 W/M

Frost protection for pipes (inside/outside)


  • Self-limiting heating cable
  • In- and outside on pipes
  • Energy efficient


This is a self-regulating heating cable designed to provide effective frost protection for pipes. The cable’s self-regulating matrix lowers the heating effect of the cable as the temperature rises and, conversely, raises the heating effect at lower temperatures.

The cable can be fitted on the outside of pipes as traditional frost protection but also inside pipes with drinking water. When installing on the outside of plastic pipes, it is advantageous to apply aluminium tape along the entire length of the pipe. This will ensure good heat distribution.

It is recommended that the cable be controlled by means of a thermostat with a sensor mounted under the insulation. See HC 200 Uni

The cable meets the requirements of IEC / EN 62395 for frost protection in private homes and industry.

On drum containing 250m cable.



  • Inside pipes
  • Outside pipes
  • Valve
  • Sprinkler



  • 250 m



  • Aluminum tape
  • Thermostat
  • Brass fitting (inside of pipe)
  • Connection kit



  1. Conductor
  2. Regulating Matrix
  3. Conductor insulation
  4. Earthing
  5. Outer sheath



  • Nominal power – 11 W/m @10 °C
  • Supply voltage – 230 V
  • Cable dimensions – 10,5 mm x 5 mm (+/-0,5 mm)
  • Conductor insulation – Polyolefin
  • Conductor dimension – 2 x 0,56 mm², tinned
  • Earthing – Aluminium Mylar tape with copper conductor
  • Heating cable, outer sheath – Polyolefin, modified
  • Colour – Purple, RAL 4005
  • Permissible cable temperature – Max. 65 °C (85 °C afbrudt)
  • Min. bending radius – 30 mm, along the thin side
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Minimum installation temperature- -15 °C
  • Approval – CE
  • Standard – IEC/EN 62395
  • Tolerance power @10° C- -10 %…+20 %

11 W/m

Self-limiting heating cable – 11 W/M

No. 40040211


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