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Insulation board for laminated panels and wooden floors


  • Effective footstep sound and thermal insulation for hard surfaces
  • Longer floor life due to levelling small irregularities of the sub-floor
  • High load resistance
  • Absorbs unevenness of the subfloor
  • Smooth surface – necessary for floating insulation of the floor
  • Very low water absorption
  • Approved for use as underfloor heating insulation


Reflector plates are insulation plates in medium-hard extruded polystyrene.
The reflector plates are available in both 3 mm and 6 mm thickness

They are mostly used as a foundation for the AluMat on wood, parquet, and laminate flooring.
The reflector plate is soundproofing, reduces unevenness in the floor, and is waterproof.

With laminate or wooden floors, it is important to spread the heat evenly beneath the flooring to avoid discolouration or movement in the floor.

Therefore, we recommend using Reflector 3 or Reflector 6 as an underlay for AluMat underfloor heating, specially developed for wooden and laminate flooring.

The insulation layer prevents downward heat loss and provides acoustic insulation. Underlay is available in 3 and 6-mm thickness and comes in 6 m² packages



  • Material – Extruded Polystyrene / XPS
  • Dimentions (H,W,L) – 6 x 500 x 1200 mm
  • Weight – 200 g/m²
  • Density (EN ISO 845) – 32 kg/m³
  • Moisture protection (vol. %) – 0,06 %
  • Load – 9 t/m²
  • U-value – 4,64 W/m²K
  • Max. temperature – 80° C
  • Sound reduction – 22 dB
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Standard – CE

Package of 6 m²


No. 40101060

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